Here at Tantec UK & Ireland, we’re constantly innovating to maintain our place as market leaders. Both our standard and customised Plasma and Corona systems provide world-class surface treatments, most commonly for plastics, composites and metals, but also for ceramics, glass and other materials, enhancing bonding to the highest possible standards. As a result, we’ve established ourselves as a trusted provider of surface treatment systems in the UK, Ireland and across the globe.

Based in Redditch, Worcestershire, we’re able to supply our customer’s with a unique offering that differentiates us from anyone else on the market. Some of our competitors provide equipment for Plasma surface treatments. Other’s focus on Corona surface finishing. We cover both. This multi-faceted approach, combined with our sub-contract manufacturing capability, enables us to provide a fully-integrated range of services for our clients.

Working closely with Tantec A/S, a privately-held company headquartered in Denmark, we’re able to call upon a wealth of expertise both in the United Kingdom and worldwide. This includes a network of agents, partners, sales offices and support centres.



We care about sustainability and the protection of our environment. As a business, we believe in consistently developing our products to reach the highest levels of performance, enabling them to replace traditional methods that are harmful to the environment. That’s why Tantec UK’s diverse portfolio of energy-efficient plasma and corona surface treatment systems eliminate the need for any chemicals, providing a more sustainable, environmentally-friendly manufacturing process. Furthermore, they also enable our customers to achieve better optimisation in their manufacturing processes, reducing the need to rework defect products, therefore saving money in resources and energy. We’re committed to helping the world’s leading high-technology industries transition into greener, environmentally-friendly solutions.

Our History

The Tantec Group are proud to have a rich history supplying some of the world’s leading manufacturers. Since 1974, we’ve manufactured plasma and corona surface treatment systems for cutting-edge industries including aerospace, automotive and medical. Our products play a critical role in everyday life.

We have been pioneers from the day we began, revolutionising the world of surface treatments. Corona treatment was invented in the 1950’s before we got started, however it was only used for flat materials such as Polyethylene. Our industry-leading experts led the way by inventing plasma and corona systems for 3D components. Since then, we’ve continued to operate at the forefront of the sector, being one of the few organisations worldwide capable of specialising in both technologies.

As a result, thousands of Surface Treatment solutions have been delivered since 1974 and we continue to work closely with our customers, supplying standard and bespoke systems to meet their requirements.

Our Philosophy. Your Added Value.

For nearly 50 years, our technology has consistently delivered for customers around the world. Whether it’s been Vacuum Plasma solutions, Corona Surface Treatments or surface energy measuring, hundreds of companies have experienced the benefits of our products. They still come back for more.

Why? It stems from the Tantec philosophy. We’re committed to providing our customers with high-quality products and world-class customer service, including service contracts and local engineering support, making sure what they receive is what they need – not just what we can give them. Our desire to always go the extra mile has helped us to establish a reputation as the trusted partner to work with in the UK and Irish markets.

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