Adhesive, Tape and Label Bonding


Spray, brushed, gunned or robot applied adhesives along with pressure sensitive adhesives on tapes and labels can be difficult to bond on to the wrong materials.

With pretreatment, most adhesives will see a significant increase in performance allowing a wider variety of products to be considered.


performance increase

The most improved cases see parts go from being able to be pulled apart by hand have an increase of over 1000% bond strength.

Although not all increase this much, the adhesion strength usually increases from a modest 5%-10% to 100% increase or to substrate failure where possible.


Wider Choice of adhesives

Choosing an adhesive for its chemical resistance, temperature resistance or elongation etc. should be your main considerations.

Plasma and corona improve performance of almost all adhesives, allowing for any adhesion questions to be forgotten and the most suitable adhesive available for the task.


operator friendly technology

No harsh chemical washes or primers, bad for both the environment and operators - all systems either stand alone or can be integrated in to automation.

Unlike dusty abrasion, plasma and corona treatment is clean and highly repeatable with operator interaction usually limited to loading/ unloading and pressing ‘go’