What are the advantages of Surface Treatment?

advantages of surface treatment

What are the advantages of surface treatment? We’re not being biased when we say there are actually quite a few. Enough, in fact, for the global surface treatment market to increase in value to an astounding $19bn by 2027; a rapid rise from the $12.76bn market value set in 2019. More and more manufacturers are […]

Who are Ebble Manufacturing?

who are ebble manufacturing

Have you been reading about our subcontract services recently? Then you may have thought, “Who are Ebble Manufacturing?”. Good question! Ebble Manufacturing is our subcontract services arm here at Tantec UK and it plays an integral role in the completion of small-to-medium throughput projects. It’s services are particularly sought after by our clients when investment […]

What are the benefits of subcontract manufacturing?

The UK subcontract manufacturing industry continues to post strong performance. In fact, two thirds (69%) of manufacturing and engineering businesses used subcontractors in the past year, with 48% expecting to increase the proportion of work given to UK subcontractors over the next 12 months. There’s no doubt that subcontract manufacturing plays a critical role in […]