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worcestershire here2help

Like many companies though, the arrival of the Covid-19 pandemic posed challenges like we’d never seen before, revealing the need to improve the way we reached our customers and drive further brand awareness.

Kim Saabye Visits Tantec UK Headquarters

kim saabeye visits tantec uk

Tantec UK were pleased to welcome Kim Saabye, Chief Executive Officer and Partner of Tantec A/S, for a week-long visit to our Redditch headquarters at the end of November.

LeakTEC Detects Micro Pinholes in Medical Equipment

pinholes in medical equipment

MGS Manufacturing is a long-time customer of Tantec’s. Throughout the years, many Tantec systems have been deployed for MGS customers as part of four unique medical applications. MGS uses Tantec’s LeakTEC tools for leak testing and to identify any micro-holes in the products they produce. We recently had a talk with Shawn Krenke, CTO and […]

What is Dyne Testing?

what is dyne testing

Whether you’re manufacturing vehicles, producing packaging or engineering safety-critical medical devices, the quality of the materials you use is imperative. Modern products are bonded, painted and treated to offer varying characteristics integral to performance. Corona and plasma surface treatment plays a critical role in helping to evolve a material’s surface properties, but how do you […]

Tantec A/S CEO Visits Tantec UK’s new facility

tantec a/s ceo visits

Tantec UK is delighted to welcome Kim Saabye, Chief Executive Officer and Partner of Tantec A/S, who will be visiting the UK facility on Monday 22nd November 2021. Mr Saabye, who will be on-site throughout the duration of the week, will be making his first visit to the UK office since before the Covid-19 pandemic. […]

Tantec are a TechTimeOut Aware Employer

techtimeout aware

Tantec UK is delighted to announce that it has been awarded techtimeout ‘aware’ status by Techtimeout, a leading workplace programme supported by The Mental Health Service. The certification is granted to businesses who raise awareness within their organisation of the impact overusing technology has on mental health and productivity. As a leading employer in Redditch, […]

Tantec UK at Interplas 2021

interplas 2021

Tantec UK recently exhibited at the superb Interplas 2021 show at the National Exhibition Centre in Birmingham, United Kingdom. The spectacle, which is the country’s leading plastics industry event, was a resounding success that hosted over 350 exhibitors from across the sector. Our stand at F60 was highly popular throughout the duration of the exhibition, […]

An Introduction to Leak Detection

An Introduction to Leak Detection

Leak detection systems have long played an invaluable role in quality control for engineering organisations around the world. As products have evolved, so has the need for comprehensive leak detection equipment able to probe the most complex shapes, materials and geometries. As a result, methods have continued to develop, resulting in state-of-the-art technology such as […]

What is Plasma Cleaning?

What is plasma cleaning

Surface treatments are an essential part of many manufacturing processes. A large number of products made by industries around the world often bond different materials together, such as metal to plastic. Alternatively, others require long-lasting, high-quality printing on a plastic surface. In order to achieve this, the materials used often need to be contaminant-free to […]