Richards Wilcox Garage Doors benefit from Tantec’s Corona Treatment

Richards Wilcox Garage Doors Corona

For many people, the garage door is the second entrance to the home. Before you can walk through your front door, you park your car in the garage, and that is where the garage door becomes the focus. You, obviously, want it to be functional. And it should fit the overall style of your home. […]

LeakTEC Detects Micro Pinholes in Medical Equipment

pinholes in medical equipment

MGS Manufacturing is a long-time customer of Tantec’s. Throughout the years, many Tantec systems have been deployed for MGS customers as part of four unique medical applications. MGS uses Tantec’s LeakTEC tools for leak testing and to identify any micro-holes in the products they produce. We recently had a talk with Shawn Krenke, CTO and […]