Can Corona improve the production process of plastic lenses?

Plastic contact lenses

For this month’s blog, we take a look at how Tantec UK & Ireland and their Corona technologies can improve the production process of plastic lenses. Plastic materials for ophthalmic lenses have seen continual developments, and for this reason, have gradually replaced glass materials. Today, most corrective lenses are made of thermoplastic and thermosetting resins […]

Richards Wilcox Garage Doors benefit from Tantec’s Corona Treatment

Richards Wilcox Garage Doors Corona

For many people, the garage door is the second entrance to the home. Before you can walk through your front door, you park your car in the garage, and that is where the garage door becomes the focus. You, obviously, want it to be functional. And it should fit the overall style of your home. […]

What is Corona Treatment?

what is corona treatment

Corona treatment is an established, widely-used surface treatment process utilised in engineering applications across the world. The technology, which primes materials using a high-frequency, high-voltage discharge, is used to improve wettability and adhesion, thus improving the receptiveness of the surface to adhesives, inks and coatings.