Where is plasma used in medical device manufacture?

Plasma surface treatments are used in some of the world’s most cutting-edge markets. From aerospace to automotive, plasma systems are used across many high-tech applications. None more so than in medical device manufacture. The technology is adaptable for high-volume production, high-performance and cost sensitive manufacturers. Tantec’s surface treatment systems are trusted by major manufacturers across […]

LeakTEC detects micro pinholes in medical equipment

LeakTEC Leak Detection

MGS Manufacturing is a long-time customer of Tantec’s. Throughout the years, many Tantec systems  have been deployed for MGS customers as part of four unique medical applications.  MGS uses Tantec’s LeakTEC tools for leak testing and to identify any micro-holes in the products they  produce. We recently had a talk with Shawn Krenke, CTO and Senior […]

An Introduction to Leak Detection

An Introduction to Leak Detection

Leak detection systems have long played an invaluable role in quality control for engineering organisations around the world. As products have evolved, so has the need for comprehensive leak detection equipment able to probe the most complex shapes, materials and geometries. As a result, methods have continued to develop, resulting in state-of-the-art technology such as […]