What surface treatment can I use on plastic pipes?

Surface treatment plastic pipes

Plastic pipes are used in a wide variety of applications and across a range of different industries. The three common types, PE, PEX, and PP, share one simple characteristic – low surface energy, making it difficult for inks, coatings, and foams to adhere to the surface. Tantec UK & Ireland’s Corona and Plasma treaters solve […]

What is surface energy?

Surface Energy is the relative measurement of energy found at the surface (surprisingly) of a solid (it is usually only used to describe solids – Surface Tension is most commonly used for the same phenomenon of liquids). Whilst the atoms in the ‘bulk’ of the material are relatively stable, with a balanced set of bonds […]

How to use Dyne Inks

The information below gives you an understanding of why and how to use Dyne inks, for a quick start guide to using test inks and pens onsite, click on the video at the bottom of the article. All materials have a surface energy; Dyne inks measure the surface energy of a material to determine its […]

What is Dyne Testing?

what is dyne testing

Whether you’re manufacturing vehicles, producing packaging or engineering safety-critical medical devices, the quality of the materials you use is imperative. Modern products are bonded, painted and treated to offer varying characteristics integral to performance. Corona and plasma surface treatment plays a critical role in helping to evolve a material’s surface properties, but how do you […]