Plasma in particular is an excellent cleaning tool for fine organic contaminants such as finger prints, processing oils and lubricants.

Although this cleaning effect occurs on all materials, it is most important on glass, metals and ceramics. The level of cleaning is removal of thin layers of organic contaminants - the process is usually paired with aqueous cleaners to remove bulk.


otherwise uncleanable

Strongly bonded organic contaminants can be very tough to remove - wiping or washing can move oils around without fully removing them, especially on a short cycle.

Plasma vaporises organics to safely remove them as water vapour and simple gases which are removed immediately.


tough to clean areas

Plasma can penetrate a blind hole and flow through areas that a liquid cleaner would struggle to touch.

Especially for coatings required with entire area coverage, this level cleaning is unrivalled.


cleaning and treatment

Improving the surface by cleaning will increase surface energy and depending on the material, this is further enhanced by surface treatment.