Corona is the technology that kick started the industry decades ago, its high speed treatment providing inline high performance is unrivalled even against new technologies in a lot of situations.

Corona systems can be standard, but a lot are custom built to suit the part in question. These engineered systems are most often found in companies working with flat, wide materials, or those with very high speed requirements.



For treatment of continuous films, LabelTEC treatment systems can treat from 100mm wide up to 2000mm for a variety of materials - usually ahead of laminating or printing processes.



SpotTEC systems blow the treatment toward the part in a similar way to Atmospheric Plasma.

The main difference is that SpotTEC tends to be a little slower, but at the advantage of being around 6 times wider and a lower cost.

This system has always found a problem to fix - most commonly pipe and cable treatment for printing.


3d Corona

The most engineered and varied piecce of equipment we make encompasses a variety of products - CableTEC, RotoTEC, SheetTEC, FoamTEC, NeedleTEC, SyrinTEC and PipeTEC to name a few.

3D corona systems are where Tantec started - treating 3D objects with high voltage corona.

Although Vacuum Plasma has replaced a lot of the more complex systems, this is always a great option.