Improved adhesion for one of the largest manufacturers of ski bindings

Look Bindings

In this case study we look at how Tantec’s products improved adhesion for one of the largest manufacturers of ski bindings.

The French ski binding manufacturer Look Bindings is one of the most famous and respected brands within the ski industry. Look’s bindings represent the perfect combination of security and performance and they are behind some of the most optimal solutions on the market. The ski binding specialist based in Nevers, is one of the largest manufacturers of high-performance bindings in the world.

What is a ski binding?

A ski binding is the mechanism that holds a ski boot on a ski. ‘We have had problems with manual flaming systems before. We don’t have good adhesion of paint on the plastic parts. It is a problem in regards to Look’s quality standard due to the very rough utilisation conditions for ski binding. Large temperature differences from very low to warm temperatures have a big influence’’ says Mr. Olivier Duhamel, Look.

With their existing flame process, they found the biggest disadvantages were that it often caused shrinkage, surface cracks, and dulling of the material finish. Look Bindings were looking for Improved adhesion for their products. VacuTec is Tantec’s flagship vacuum plasma system. At Tantec UK & Ireland, we design and build our VacuTEC systems in-house, ensuring that each one is bespoke and tailored to the unique requirements of our customers

How can the VacuTEC system help?

The VacuTEC system eliminates these issues as the process produces a uniform and consistent surface treatment to the plastic part. Furthermore, it eliminates any fire hazards due to open flames in the plant. 

In addition, the work process has become faster, and at the same time a big savings on paint has been achieved, as there is minimal waste compared to the previous process, while also minimising the use of gas throughout the facility.

These innovative plasma treatment systems, which range from mid-sized units for small components to large systems treating big, individual products. They are available with a wide variety of options, from number of shelves, number of doors, automation, integration into other systems, speed of processing and many more.

They’re popular with customers due to the simplicity of their operation, reliability in production and fast-process speed. Our versatile machines can be integrated into robot-loaded, fully automated cells, manual loading of individual components such as large injection moulded parts, or quick loading of jigs for smaller components already being handled for other processes such as paint spraying.

Benefits for Look with Tantec’s VacuTEC 

  • Improved working environment for the operator, removing the use of dangerous gas and very high temperatures compared to flame treatment. 
  • All parts are thoroughly and entirely surface treated, even for complex part shapes, where flame treatment could not give the desired effect.
  • Output has been significantly improved, as Look’s VacuTEC is specially designed with multiple shelves based on the customers’ needs and can now treat many items at the same time.
  • Reduction in the use of non-renewable energy supplies – VacuTEC requires power only.
  • Reduction in waste due to the number of products right first time.

Perfecting adhesion 

The VacuTEC offers very fast treatment times, normally running for less than five minutes. Optimum adhesion properties for downstream coating, gluing, painting and printing applications. Standard machines are available, although custom systems are available so you can choose the system that’s exactly right for your volumes.

The systems work by removing most of the air in a chamber, running at around 1/1000th of the pressure you’re in right now. Once at the right pressure, an electrical discharge is created through the integrated plasma electrode which excites the remaining molecules and creates a plasma, which interacts with your material to give you the finished surface and improved adhesion.

This electrode to electrode technology helps to intensify the treatment resulting in shorter treatment cycle times. In most cases gases will not be necessary. Treatment times can be between 2-120 seconds depending on the material and its formulation. 

Users appreciate the VacuTEC for its user-friendly operation, dependable performance during production, and fast processing speeds.

With VacuTEC, you have the ability to achieve: 

  • Even and uniform treatment on all surfaces of three dimensional parts 
  • Treatment of specific spots on three dimensional parts 
  • Treatment of large parts 
  • Surface modification without affecting the bulk material. 
  • Cost efficiency and long-lasting durability of adhesion properties 
  • Environmental friendly solution 

Tantec UK & Ireland provides both standard and customised equipment that can seamlessly integrate into your production process, whether you are setting up a new production line or upgrading an existing one.

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