In-line treatment of Automotive Sealing Products

Automotive Sealing Products

Top quality adhesion of printing inks, adhesives or coatings on polymer  materials, such as PE, PP, PS, EPDM-rubber and other substrates, is a  common requirement throughout the plastic and rubber processing industry. Tantec takes a look into automotive sealing products.

All polymer materials exhibit by nature a low surface energy, resulting in poor adhesion and wetting properties. To cope with such  difficulties Tantec offers customized and standard units with integrated corona systems. 

Ten years ago Tantec developed their first customized station for surface treatment of EPDM profiles. We have advanced our surface treating technology with our ProfileTEC – a plasma treating system for EPDM profiles. It is now possible to treat multiple surfaces and difficult configurations with superior one-pass coverage, consistency and convenience. 

In practice, plasma pretreatment has become one of the most common processes used for surface refinement. The method increases the surface tension of plastics before they are printed, laminated or coated. This surface treatment improves inter-layer adhesion and promotes adhesion of the spread coating compound or printing ink. The final effect achieved by the treatment depends on various parameters, including electrode efficiency, duration of the corona discharge, the type of material being treated, the temperature and moisture, any contamination, the surface  morphology and similar factors. 

Corona treatment eliminates the inefficiencies, safety hazards, and product damage potential of open flame treatment, chemical surface preparation and sanding techniques, while offering improved bonding results as well. 

To improve the adhesion qualities, the surface is modified using potential free discharges. Using plasma enables the treatment of a broad range of materials without having to change treatment  heads. A simple, yet highly effective process for sponge dense and TPV materials. 

We design customer-oriented solutions for in-line production. Our ProfileTEC offers sustained conti-nuous operation with first-class results. It ensures that the further processing can occur in the most optimal way. The ProfileTEC completely replaces processes such as roughening up, fluoride treatments with gas or the use of primers.ProfileTEC consumes less energy in comparison with the industry average, and this makes itself apparent not only during the initial investment stage, but also in reduced long-term running costs. ProfileTEC includes a modular electrode  system made in non-corrosive materials, featuring a minimum of wearing parts and a compact design. 

A customised ProfileTEC usually consists of 4-16 treating units (heads) and is capable of handling high line speeds  (20-25 meters per minute depending on the type of profile) and complex parts made of conductive and nonconductive rubber. The system increases the surface tension from 34 to 50 mN/m – which is the tension level required for  the best adhesion possible today. The system can be used both in the extrusion line and in fabrication.

Perfecting adhesion 

Operation of the treatment system could not be made simpler. The well thought out concept for our generators and treatment stations ensure operation with the best results. With the ProfileTEC it is possible to save energy, increase productivity and improve the quality of EPDM profiles. 

ProfileTEC can treat all kinds of profiles, including: 

• Door weatherstrips 

• Inner and outer beltstrips 

• Secondary seals 

• Quarter window weatherstrips 

• Decklid seals 

• Roof rail weatherstrips 

• Glass run weatherstrips 

• Windshield moldings 

• Hood-to-cowl weatherstrips 

The advantages of using this technology with EPDM applications are as follows: 

• High processing speeds (up to 25 m/min, depending on the die), higher on request 

• Area pre-treatment using homogenous corona discharge 

• Gentle pre-treatment process (no surface burns) 

• Large process window (important with groove geometry, because surface and groove floor are treated evenly)

• Low energy consumption, max 2000W

• Flexible electrode set-up, for quick change and adjustment 

• Pre-produceable treatment process with microprocessor controlled generator technology

Tantec UK & Ireland are one of the world’s leading providers of Plasma and Corona Treatment Systems. Our specialist surface treatment systems are trusted by major manufacturers across the globe. With over 40 years of expertise in the manufacturing and supply of high-specification surface treatment systems for metals and plastics, our experts also offer a comprehensive range of sub-contract manufacturing and testing services. Either way, we can ensure your product’s adhesive properties are elevated to the highest industry standards. For more details on how Tantec UK & Ireland can help you, visit

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