Tantec UK & Ireland are proud to supply innovative, high-quality Surface Treatment Systems to leading manufacturers across multiple industries.

We recognise the unique challenges faced by each and every customer, therefore we’re always seeking to tailor our approach to meet their individual needs.

Of course, such requirements are often influenced by the industry they’re in. An automotive manufacturer producing an average of 13,000 cars a day would likely have a greater need for rapid surface treatment deployment than an aircraft OEM producing 863 a year. Over the years, we’ve taken the various demands of our customers into account, adapting our offering to cater for those in high volume, high performance and cost-sensitive industries.

High Volume Production

Throughout our history, we’ve collaborated with a wide-range of customers in high-volume industries to help make their manufacturing processes even more efficient. 

We recognise the importance of high-quality, rapid surface treatment systems that consistently perform to a high standard. That’s why we’re the trusted partner of choice for a number of cutting-edge industries including the automotive, medical and printing sectors.

Whether it’s treating automotive parts with Atmospheric Plasma or using adhesive bonding to multi-layer products in the medical sector, we have all the expertise you need to ensure the final product is the same quality – every time.

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for our customers in your market.

High-Performance Production

Thanks to our diverse portfolio of products, Tantec UK & Ireland has established itself as the premier provider of surface treatment systems for high-performance manufacturers. Serving numerous industries including aerospace, defence, motorsport and marine, we’ve worked with a host of OEM and tier one providers.

Our world-class engineering teams have provided expertise on some highly exciting next-generation projects that have helped our customers invent unique materials with an exciting range of properties. We’re excited to continue playing our part at the forefront of cutting-edge industries developing the very latest technologies.

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Cost-Sensitive Industries

We recognise the pressures of keeping costs down throughout the lifetime of a product, especially in manufacturing industries where profit margins are already tight. That’s why our experts are always inventive in finding new ways and solutions to help our customers cut costs – without compromising their quality.

Tantec UK & Ireland work with a host of leading names from high-tech, fast-moving industries including automotive, medical devices and consumer goods. We know the challenges you face and have a proud record finding efficient, effective solutions.  

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