Innovation is a key factor when it comes to driving down cost.

Increased pricing pressure and cost down throughout the lifetime of a product is standard for all industries, therefore it’s imperative that every step is made to streamline processes and maximise tighter profit margins. 

Tantec UK & Ireland have a wealth of expertise working with sectors that want to cut costs, including automotive, single use medical devices and consumer goods. Thanks to our diverse portfolio of products, we can introduce a wide range of materials, inks, adhesives and coatings – without compromising the end result. For example, using a plasma surface treatment or corona discharge enables the use of well-priced polymers such as PP. Straight away, you’ve cut cost from a costly PC/ABS part.

That is just one example of where, as a manufacturer in a cost-sensitive industry, you can unlock added-value working with Tantec UK & Ireland. We’ve also been able to use cheaper glues (but no less effective) and remove other processes such as priming and manual abrasion. An initial investment in our industry-leading Plasma and Corona Surface Treatment Systems can save thousands in labour or altering other processes in your production line.

Consumer Goods

The UK consumer goods market is the largest manufacturing sector in the country, accounting for 14% of all production. With an industry value of £110 billion, it’s a competitive sector, therefore the need to remain cost-competitive is essential. Where competition is high or the market requires a lower cost solution, our team at Tantec UK & Ireland are able to support with a wide-range of solutions.

Introducing Plasma or Corona can help identify cheaper raw materials and the potential for less ink or adhesive in the manufacturing process. It’s also a great tool for innovation, allowing design engineers to devise new techniques for a more efficient and reliable end product. 

If you need to drive down cost from your production process, find out more about how Tantec UK & Ireland can implement our innovative surface treatment systems to achieve this.

Single Use Medical Devices

Tantec UK and Ireland have proven pedigree supporting the UK medical device industry; a sector that continues to grow and is worth approximately £5.5 billion per annum. We’ve worked with a host of leading industry names to reduce the cost of manufacturing single-use devices. Syringes, bottle caps, packaging and other consumables can all benefit from the use of cheaper or recyclable materials whilst still retaining the same level of quality. 

Furthermore, our use of Plasma Surface Treatments means the part can be designed with greater symplicity. We’re able to add to automation for adhesive bonding rather than manually prepared and bonded components, improving repeatability and consistency.

Are you a medical device manufacturer? Discover more about how we can help you drive down cost today.


We have a rich history when it comes to collaborating with major automotive OEM’s and Tier One suppliers on cost-sensitive projects. Our experts have liaised closely with our customers to drive down costs on components across the entire vehicle. Interior parts such as door trims, pillar trims, glove boxes and seat valances can all benefit from pre-treatment prior to leather wrapping, foam applications and flocking.

Explore today how our experts at Tantec UK & Ireland can help your automotive business reduce costs across interior, exterior and powertrain components.