With over 15 different Plasma and Corona Surface Treatment Systems among our portfolio, we’ll always have a solution for you.

It may be an off-the-shelf answer to your problem or a bespoke system to meet your unique needs, but whatever it is, Tantec UK & Ireland can find the right tool for you. We recognise that high-performance production sometimes equates to a much smaller yield; with some industries only making a few thousand parts a year. This often commands a higher price and as a result, the customer expects quality at the highest level. There are also sectors such as the UK Aerospace industry that demand safety-critical, high-performance products manufactured to the most stringent industry standards. Such measures usually push the boundaries of the material to perform under the harshest conditions. Our products are integral in order to achieve this.

Thanks to our multi-pronged, integrated product and service offering, we’ve become a trusted partner for OEM’s and tier one providers across a range of high-performance industries including aerospace, defence, motorsport and marine. Our hands-on, collaborative approach had led to our involvement in a number of exciting, next-generation projects. Tantec’s surface treatment systems have often played an integral role in helping design engineers develop new and modern materials with exciting properties.

As we continue to support these cutting-edge, boundary-breaking industries long into the future, we look forward to continuing our collaboration with customers to find innovative solutions. Many of our plasma and corona surface treatment systems can be supplied as standalone products. However, we’re well equipped to work with our partners to integrate them into other applications, should our customers wish to do so.

Defence, Medical & Specialist

Throughout our history, we’ve played an integral role in the development of products critical to saving, prolonging and protecting lives. We’re proud to have worked with some of the defence and medical industries leading manufacturers, collaborating on next-generation projects. Our Plasma and Corona Surface Treatment Systems have helped our customers guarantee high-quality for a range of life-critical applications. Furthermore, Tantec also has a proud record working with specialist organisations in other industries to help deliver world-class surface treatment solutions.

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Since 2013, the UK automotive industry has been on average producing circa 1.5 million cars per annum. Considered a high-volume market, our team at Tantec tend to get involved in a range of automotive projects with major OEM’s and tier one suppliers across the sector. These could be anything from seal applications and leather adhesive bonding to paint and coating adhesion. Both inline and offline processes are used within this industry, with Vacuum Plasma and Atmospheric Plasma being two of our most sought after products.

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Aerospace, Motorsport & Marine

It doesn’t matter if it’s a commercial aircraft taking off with a weight of up to 80,000kg or a Formula One car reaching 223mph, all of these industries require light, high-performance components. Due to the nature of their application, these components will come under high levels of stress, therefore it’s critical that they’re manufactured and treated to do so. That’s why it’s essential each one is subjected to a standardised, reliable process that meets regulatory standards. If not, large bond areas, unrepeatable primer applications or abrasion requirements can lead to substantial variations between finished products.

Whether you’re using our specialist surface treatment systems or dedicated sub-contract services, you can rest assured Tantec will always deliver a consistent, repeatable finish. Uncover more about how our surface treatment systems can take your high-performance products to the next level.