Case Study: GPE Ardenghi Srl

As the United Kingdom’s leading provider of world-class corona and plasma surface treatment systems, Tantec UK is regularly contacted by customers requiring assistance. More often than not, they have an engineering problem that requires a bespoke solution – something our experts specialise in on a daily basis.

Tantec worked with Italian machine manufacturer, GPE Ardenghi Srl, on a bespoke solution for their screen printing machines.


Our friends at GPE Ardenghi Srl had been using flame treatment in their screen printing machines for many years. A family-owned business with a pedigree originating from 1945, the company is a specialist in semi-automatic and automatic equipment for complex screen printing machines. These are often used for promotional items and major industries including the automotive, cosmetics and pharmaceutical sectors.


Thanks to the world-class services by Tantec and customer relationships, our companies were put in touch via another client. As a result, initial dialogue about using plasma in the customer’s equipment began.


We care about our customers and want to ensure that the bespoke solutions we provide accurately meet their needs. For us, it is also about developing a deep understanding of their requirements and how we can provide them with the right assistance. There’s no better way to do this than meeting with the customer to discuss the project in detail. Therefore, our experts met with GPE Ardenghi Srl on a number of occasions, agreeing appropriate actions and developing a bespoke solution that quickly developed into trial runs. Upon a number of successful trials, the client agreed to implement our plasma treatment solution as the standard option for their screen printing machines.

So, why did GPE Ardenghi Srl choose our plasma solution? How is it beneficial ahead of flame treatment? Well, they’re not the only customers moving away from flame treatments in favour of plasma. Ultimately, the former has a greater impact on the environment; it emits higher amounts of carbon and requires a more dangerous working environment. Furthermore, it is also expensive due to higher levels of power consumption.

Now, the team at GPE Ardenghi Srl now have greater control over the entire production process. This will help them to reduce the amount of defects in the final product and any inconsistencies that can be generated by flame treatment systems. Ultimately, they will achieve a much better return on investment using our plasma treatment systems.


We are delighted that GPE Ardenghi Srl provided extremely positive feedback about our service and product quality. The owner of the company had the following words to say about our service:

We are extremely satisfied with Tantec’s product quality. Due to the special requests of our customers and our machines which are often customised, it’s absolutely an extra value, the assistance and the good cooperation we have with Tantec. The way they try to solve our need is something essential to grant quality and performance on our automation solutions

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