Leak Detection


LeakTEC is an incredible product, capable of giving the user 100% quality inspection of products for holes, defects or abnormalities inline or offline, with dozens of parts being able to be checked in much less than a second.

Highly suited to sterile medical devices, caps and closures or other products where the contained product will spoil or worse when exposed to atmosphere.



LeakTEC uses the same high performance, high voltage generator and transformer technology belonging to the rest of the Tantec family of products.

At its simplest, our system produces a very quick pulse electricity which is directed at the part to test. If the part has no hole, the resistance will be one value. If the part has a hole - even one not visible to the naked eye - the resistance value will be different.

Measuring these fluctuations allows us to give a definitive go/ no go for each part presented. When coupled with automation this can automatically remove individual problem parts from the process without having to scrap all products in that batch.