What Problems Can Plasma and Corona Solve?


Plasma and Corona can tackle a variety of problems - most often associated with increasing bond strength of liquids such as adhesives, printing inks and coatings; these treatments have grown to find different uses such as leak detection and ultra fine cleaning.



Creating a strong bond or simply having consistent adhesion with the right ink, adhesive or tape can be critical in a manufacturing environment.



Plasma is the key tool for cleaning. These systems produce plasma which can get everywhere for high energy cleaning.

Due to plasma being a gas, it gets in to touch spots and really removes all remaining contamination. Excellent when paired with an initial degrease or for removing trace amounts of organic contamination.


Leak detection

High voltage leak detection can detect micron size holes in a fraction of a second.

This technology can be integrated in to high speed automation or run offline as a batch process to check and process 100% of the produced parts quickly and easily without the need for helium gas or other consumables.