Paints and Coatings


From nano coatings to thick industrial coatings and paints, improving the surface allows for strong adhesion to remove problems such as flaking, fish eyes and other defects.


Increased adhesion

Applying a coating over a large area requires a consistent surface to get the same performance everywhere.

Automated and batch treatments bring the whole surface to the same standard, removing adhesion issues in tough areas such as deep draw areas or in to hollows and blind holes.



Common coating and paint issues such as pin holes, orange peel effects, gloss variations and coating thickness can be controlled or removed by making sure the surface is ready for use.

Especially on complex, large or extra small surfaces, cleaning, abrading and other techniques can lead to variations across the surface which can have a large and random effect on final product quality.


lower COATING weights

With an increased surface energy comes a greater wetting of the coating or paint being applied, allowing the liquid to flow easily over the surface.

This can create a more complete coating faster, and an even coating to give strong colour with less material.