High Performance Industries


When only a limited number of products or parts are made, their performance and quality requirement may be much higher than normal production.

These industries may be making less than a hundred parts per year up to a few thousand parts per year, usually pushing the boundaries of the material, or requiring a perceived and actual quality superior to those volume suppliers in the same market.


motor sport, aerospace and marine

These industries require lightweight, high performance components - large bond areas, unrepeatable primer applications or abrasion requirements can lead to a wide variety in finished product.

Tantec products give a consistent and repeatable finish whether used on a few parts treated months apart or a variety of shapes treated within the same shift.



Moving in to specialist and high end vehicles with price tags to match, quality is king and adhesion issues due to poor manual operator technique is not acceptable.

Batch systems often work well for these industries, allowing a wide variety of shapes and sizes to be processed by one all encompassing system - usable across vehicle platforms with minimal or no tool changes.


medical, defence and specialist

Working on projects where the component is critical to saving, prolonging or protecting life may be high volume and high performance, or low volume and high performance but absolute guaranteed quality is a must.

Plasma and corona might not always give adhesion strength over and above your existing performance, but it can bring any deviation closer for a more reliable process.