Cost Sensitive Industries


Increased pricing pressure and cost down through product lifetime is present across a wide range of industries.

Tantec products usually open the door to a wider range of materials, inks, adhesives or coatings without compromise to the end product. This means the PC/ABS part with a primer and water based adhesive can now be made from PP without primer.



Interior parts such as door trims, pillar trims, glove boxes, instrument panel toppers and seat valances benefit from pretreatment prior to leather wrapping, foam applications, and flocking.

Using a pretreatment allows the use of well priced polymers such as PP instead of costly PC/ABS.


Single use devices

Single use devices such as syringes and medical devices, bottle caps and packaging and other components or consumable parts can benefit from either using cheaper materials or recyclable materials.

The use of plasma can also mean the part can be designed with greater simplicity - quick adhesive bonds can be automated rather than manually assembled parts.


consumer Goods

Where competition may be high or the market requires a lower cost solution, introducing plasma can help with cheaper raw materials and the potential for less ink or adhesive.