Pad, Screen, Inkjet, DOD, Digital and Litho Printing


From simple printing techniques on manual pad printing machines, through to high volume gift card personalisation using digital drop on demand inkjet for high clarity bar codes - controlling the ink to material interface is very important.


ink adhesion

Perceived quality for consumer goods or life critical print on a medical device - print adhesion is important.

Using plasma or corona to improve performance will keep print on the product whether its going through an autoclave or being scratched by a finger nail.


Print quality and clarity

Printing on to a receptive surface allows for the ink to be placed much more accurately and often with less ink required.

Especially useful for bar code clarity for a first read, every time.


Wider choice of inks

With a receptive material, your choice of inks opens up so you can choose your ink for its chemical resistance, vibrancy or colour rather than because it’s the only one that would work.