Dyne Test Bottle Kit


6 x 30ml Tantec-UK Surface Energy Test Inks

200 single-use, disposable swabs.

The handy storage box has cut-outs to store up to three open bottles, helping to avoid accidental spills. Single-use swabs avoid contamination of the ink, unlike lid-mounted brushes.

Available in a standard range containing 30, 38, 46, 54, 62 and 72 dyne (mN/m) inks, or fully customisable to suit your needs.

Perfect for high volume production quality testing and for surfaces with excess contamination.

Made in accordance to ISO8296, ASTM D2578 and TAPPI T698


Quality Assurance Kits

Tantec-UK Dyne Test Inks and Dyne Pens are a quick and easy way to measure the surface energy of a material. Whether it’s for regular quality assurance during production or testing and development of new materials and procedures, we have a number of products to suit your requirements.

Product Safety Sheets

Surface Energy Test Fluids Type A


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