Surface Energy Measuring


Whether using Dyne Test Inks or Dyne Test Pens, or more technical Contact Angle Meters, we can help you measure you surface energy before and after treatment.

Available for purchase or as a lab investigation.

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Test inks and pens

Dyne Test Inks and Pens are quick, easy, accurate and moderately priced for testing in most situations.

Various versions available including versions for ISO 8296 testing.

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Dyne Test Pens are stand alone pens, used by hand, however Dyne Test Inks require an applicator - this can be a simple brush or swab, or a draw down bar and table or other item to improve repeatability and readability. Our standard quality assurance kits come with 200 single use swabs to avoid contamination of your ink.


Contact Angle

Contact Angle Measuring systems or Goniometers are used to accurately measure the angle of a droplet on a surface as a way of determine surface energy.

Incredibly accurate and with the ability to be automated, these systems are the best way to characterise a surface.