Tantec UK & Ireland’s innovative ozone treatment system – OzoneTEC – provides a unique way of treating cavities and areas other methods would be unable to reach. It is an ideal solution for products consisting of a sandwich construction or rotationally moulded parts with hollow internal cavities. These could be anything from surfboards, coolers and ice boxes to jacket pipes and small boats where the internal cavity wants to be foamed filled – certainly a varied array of applications.


Ozone Treatment uses a high-voltage discharge to create a controlled amount of ozone. This is pumped into the cavity requiring treatment, where it is left inside for a period of time to treat the surface. Ozone turns back to oxygen once it’s finished treatment, so you can simply inject polyurethane foam in its place. The foam then hardens and adheres well to the inside of the shell, without voids or defects.

Tantec UK & Ireland is proud to present OzoneTEC, a highly-innovative Ozone Treatment System designed to meet our customers requirements


Have you got a complex product with areas requiring treatment that no other methods can touch? OzoneTEC is the solution for you. Our innovative ozone treatment system, which is able to fill entire cavities, has the ability to evenly treat every surface and provide you with an easy-to-process component. Whether the section is 10mm thin and one-metre long or a large opening, Tantec UK & Ireland’s OzoneTEC is able to achieve higher surface energy levels in comparison to stock resins.

It also has the ability to treat the interior of rotomolded parts and it’s flexible settings allow for the treatment of various product sizes and dimensions.