Vacuum Plasma


Vacuum Plasma is arguably the best weapon at our disposal, its ability to treat 100% of a parts surface is incredibly useful for large parts or those with complex geometries that require treatment ahead of painting, gluing or coating.

It also means a single system can be used for many parts even if they’re different shapes or materials - making it versatile for companies with a wide product portfolio or for those looking to do a variety of production runs without costly changeover times.



The flagship Vacuum Plasma VacuTEC is a bespoke solution, designed for each customer.

A few considerations for the system when its designed include chamber size, part handling, automation, process speed, process gas and machine layout.

These systems range from mid-sized units treating small components to very large systems treating individual large items, with robot loaded and fully automated systems to through doors for pretreatment between factory zones such as clean rooms.



Often at least as bespoke as the VacuTEC, RotoVACs are used for small parts which are tumbled around or for even smaller components such as powders and pellets.

These systems are usually very interesting, they can offer more complex reactions taking place within the chamber than the usual surface treatment only. Extra gases and injected liquids can create chemical reactions on the products surface to give an entirely new material.


Vacutec 5050

A standard system, the VacuTEC 5050 is a small/ medium production machine with all the performance of a full VacuTEC.

Equipped with removable shelves for ease of use, the chamber can be filled with many small parts across a number of shelves or larger parts on a single shelf.


VacuTEC 2020

VacuTEC 2020 is the smallest full production system we made as standard.

It features multiple gases, fast processing times and all the features of the larger systems and is often used as a research system for product development ahead of full production in a larger machine.



A lab/ low production system, the VacuLAB is easy to move, quick to set up and provides most of the functionality of the larger machines at entry level costs.