Industries - High Volume Production


Volume industries are usually making at least one part per minute, up to many thousands of parts per minute.

Its often not possible to physically interact with each product to perform a manual operation, or even if handled by an operator, their time is limited.



Generally considered high volume - automotive projects range from seal applications to leather bonding to paint and coating adhesion.

Both inline and offline processes are used within automotive, with Vacuum Plasma and Atmospheric Plasma being the biggest products used.



Medical device manufacturing and pharmaceutical packaging is often performed at an incredible rate, balanced with a repeatable and stable product as performance is always paramount.

Printing on to a syringe, or bonding together multilayered products requires a proven solution with feedback and continued monitoring to ensure the final product is the same every time.


Printing and Personalisation

Pipe and cable, gift and loyalty cards and other inline printing processes can run at extremely high speeds.

Our inline pretreatment processes often help speed up the process even more with increased quality and clarity.

With a better and more receptive surface, its possible to reduce the ink amount required to see the same performance.