What is OzoneTEC

what is ozonetec

Engineering organisations around the world have long grappled with the challenge of effectively surface treating cavities and pockets in their products. Whether they manufacture surfboards, coolers, ice boxes, jacket pipes or small boats, it’s a common cause of headaches for many engineers. Anything that involves sandwich construction – essentially fibreglass on the outside and foam on the inside – will pose this problem. So what is the solution? Is OzoneTEC the answer?

How were cavities, pockets and chambers traditionally treated?

Carry out a search on Google and the chances are you’ll find results on dental cavities and the plasma surface treatment of hollow fibre membranes for blood purification. Neither of which we’re talking about. The fact of the matter is, there’s not that much information out there on how manufacturers traditionally surface treat products with cavities, pockets or chambers. This is because they either use a range of chemicals that aren’t wholly effective – or environmentally friendly – or they don’t treat these areas of their products at all. Without treatment, the environmental conditions and stresses the material goes through will eventually impact performance. Not good if your customer has to keep replacing your product and decides to source a better alternative elsewhere!

Don’t worry, OzoneTEC is the answer

Do you have a complex product with hard-to-reach areas that other forms of surface treatment are unable to touch? Is the quality of your product not reaching the standards you require in these areas? Discover OzoneTEC, the game-changing technology designed to treat the inside of products you haven’t been able to service before.

Whether your product consists of sandwich construction or rotationally moulded parts with hollow internal cavities – anything where the internal cavity needs to be foam-filled – our ozone treatment is the ideal solution for you.

How does it work?

Tantec UK’s cutting-edge ozone treatment system uses a high-voltage discharge that forms a carefully controlled amount of ozone. This is dispatched into the cavity that requires treatment, where it is left to remain for a defined period of time while it treats the surface. The great thing is that the ozone simply turns into oxygen once the treatment is complete, enabling you to inject polyurethane without dealing with any hazardous chemicals or gases first. Unlike other processes you may have used, our OzoneTec treatment enables the foam to harden and adhere well to the inside of the shell – without any voids or defects.

What are the benefits?

Improved quality

Our state-of-the-art ozone treatment technology introduces an abundance of benefits for our customers. Aside from the fact that it reaches every area inside or on the outside of a component, it also achieves substantially higher surface energy levels in comparison to stock resins, giving you the superior level of quality you desire.


Furthermore, OzoneTEC is a sustainable technology that is incredibly green; it doesn’t use any hazardous chemicals and the ozone treatment simply turns to oxygen upon process completion. There’s no longer any need to expose your employees to hazardous solvents, primers or chemicals that also harm the environment. It’s perfect if you’re looking to improve your green credentials, as well as the quality of your product.

On-demand treatment

Do you need a product turned around quickly, without any compromise on the quality of it’s treatment? OzoneTEC has the unique ability to evenly treat every single surface, providing you with an easy-to-process component. Our world-class ozone treatment is available for on-demand treatment whenever you need it.

Flexible settings – exactly when you need them

Whether the section is 10mm thin, one-metre long or has a large opening, we appreciate every product is different. That’s why we’ve designed the OzoneTEC to have completely flexible settings, enabling you to treat various product sizes and dimensions to your requirements.

A cost-effective, world-class solution

Our cutting-edge ozone treatment system only uses electricity; you no longer have to buy expensive, exotic gases and pay for their delivery and safe storage.

The future of ozone treatment

We’re proud to be a trusted supplier for leading manufacturers in a range of high-technology industries, helping to problem-solve issues that have long troubled engineering teams across the United Kingdom. OzoneTEC has certainly played an integral role in revolutionising the manufacturing process – and product quality – at companies across the country in varying sectors.

If you’d like to understand how OzoneTEC can make a positive impact on the quality and performance of your product, contact our experts at Tantec UK today on 01527 304 004 or info@tantec-uk.com for a confidential discussion!

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