Tantec-UK Ltd and Tantec A/S work closely together at the forefront of plasma and corona science and manufacturing to bring about incredible changes to materials to solve a wide variety of problems.

There are several key problem areas that surface modification can solve, some traditional and obvious, some a little less obvious and being utilised more and more with a greater push from manufacturing companies around the globe.

Key areas of concern have always been in adhesion problems, solving the problems of adhesive adhesion, printing ink adhesion, coatings and tape adhesion and working with any other interface where adhesion needs to be controlled.

Plasma is gaining a reputation now not just for ‘making things stick’ but also as a highly controllable reaction system, providing the ability to attach functional groups to base substrates without the need for wet chemical reaction vessels. Adding specific functional groups to materials can influence the surface to increase or decrease adhesion, as well as tailoring the surface chemistry for further processing.

What We've Achieved

  • Global recognition of outstanding equipment to solve a variety of problems.

  • The widest product portfolio in the market, encompassing plasma, corona, ozone surface treatments and leak detection systems.

  • Network of over 30 partners globally to support sales, servicing and continued development of Tantec products.

  • Continued research and development to create smarter, more reliable equipment with more and more features.

  • New product research to offer a more comprehensive product portfolio to cover all manufacturing techniques.

  • Factory expansion and redevelopment to allow for future growth into 2020 and beyond.

Tantec A/S have been creating Plasma and Corona treatment systems since 1974, with its advanced, modern manufacturing facilities in Denmark it has worked closely with customers around the world to become a truly global manufacturer of the highest quality surface treatment equipment.

Tantec offer support from initial ideas through to product development, system installation and continued service and support for the life of the equipment globally with local support in each territory from trained engineers.