Who are Ebble Manufacturing?

who are ebble manufacturing

Have you been reading about our subcontract services recently? Then you may have thought, “Who are Ebble Manufacturing?”. Good question! Ebble Manufacturing is our subcontract services arm here at Tantec UK and it plays an integral role in the completion of small-to-medium throughput projects. It’s services are particularly sought after by our clients when investment in capital equipment or personnel training isn’t commercially viable for the amount of work they’re doing. As a result, Ebble Manufacturing has helped some of the UK’s biggest manufacturers in the aerospace, automotive and medical device sectors – as well as a host of other industries!

Why use Ebble Manufacturing?

With over £100,000 of state-of-the-art surface treatment systems, Ebble Manufacturing is an excellent resource for small projects that require low throughput. Our efficient, effective subcontract services are able to provide a cost-effective, quick turnaround to ensure your project remains on track.

If you like, Ebble Manufacturing could be deemed as a useful “try before you buy” for customers potentially interested in investing in Tantec UK’s world-class corona and plasma surface treatment systems. It gives you the opportunity to see how effective our systems are in taking the quality of your product to the next level. Furthermore, our experts can also assist you in ramping up production ahead of delivery for longer lead-time machines.

What are the benefits of working with Ebble Manufacturing?

Ebble Manufacturing’s subcontract services have quickly become popular with our diverse portfolio of clients, who each value the array of benefits the business is able to offer.

Little or No Tooling Costs

That’s right, you’ve read that correctly. By using Ebble Manufacturing’s world-class corona and plasma systems, you won’t be incurring any tooling costs associated with traditional forms of surface treatment. All you will pay for is the low price per part costs. For smaller parts, prices start from pennys per part. Simple!

No Contract

We don’t expect our customers to sign up to a costly contract or any other form of long-term commitment. We’re confident enough that the quality of our customer service – and the subcontract services themselves – will be good enough to make you want to use us again.

Try before you buy

As we mentioned earlier, Ebble Manufacturing’s cutting-edge surface treatment systems offer customers a great way to uncover the value Tantec UK’s systems provide prior to making an investment. It enables you to get your hands on the latest technology, without the worry of making a major investment upfront. You can see the benefits for yourself and start production straight away – all while purchasing your own Tantec UK system to bring in-house!

Learn from the experts

Don’t worry, we won’t keep our secrets to ourselves. Prior to investing in our world-class surface treatment systems, you can learn from our experts throughout the duration of your short-term production run to ensure you maximise performance from your systems when they’re installed in-house.

No system headaches. No confusion.

By using Ebble Manufacturing’s ultra-modern corona and plasma surface treatment systems, you can set your business up in the best possible way. This is because you can instil consistency into your manufacturing process ahead of scale-up, avoiding requiring the use of multiple systems and whether they all coordinate together.

Save valuable room

Do you need to save valuable room within your manufacturing facility? Don’t worry, you can avoid losing floor space for yet another process in your production line. Our swift turnaround times can have components back on your line exactly when you need them.

Avoid personnel expenses

Perhaps this is a one-off project from your customer and the need for in-house training and recruitment of new staff isn’t really commercially viable. Don’t worry, you can save costs by subcontracting this work out to Ebble Manufacturing’s highly-qualified experts.

Expert testing

In addition to our world-class subcontract manufacturing services, our customers can also benefit from Ebble Manufacturing’s premier quality testing solutions. These include comprehensive contact angle testing, the use of high-quality test inks and superb tensile testing such as lap shearing.

Tantec UK is proud to offer the services of Ebble Manufacturing, our expert subcontract solutions arm of the business. If you’re looking for a world-class subcontract partner in the provision of surface treatment solutions, contact our experts today on 01527 304 004 or info@tantec-uk.com.

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