Leak Detection using LeakTEC is the process of using a non-destructive electrical current to detect any holes, defects or abnormalities in non-conductive single layer materials. Tantec UK & Ireland’s premier leak detection system – LeakTEC – is a fantastic tool to provide the user with 100% quality inspection. Thanks to our innovative system, dozens of parts can be checked every second, giving you a rapid, reliable and repeatable operation.

In many cases, it is a standard procedure to surface test moulding defects, it can also be used for bonded and sealed sections. This is ideal for a range of applications such as medical devices, caps and closures; indeed, any item where the contained product will spoil when exposed to the atmosphere.


At its simplest, leak detection occurs when a rapid pulse of electricity is directed at the part that requires testing. This is done by introducing the electrical current between a discharge electrode and an electrical ground, with the plastic itself acting as an insulator. In the event a crack or pinhole is detected, an electrical current is established between the electrode and ground.

If there isn’t a crack, pinhole or any electrical contact, the part is able to proceed to the next process. However, if electrical contact is made, the part does not meet required standards. Leak Detection can discover holes not visible to the naked eye, providing data alerting us to failure with different resistance values to those that pass.

By measuring these fluctuations, we can make a definitive decision on the quality of each part presented, deciding whether they can progress, be scrapped or require rework. When coupled with automation, individual problem parts can be automatically removed from the process without having to scrap an entire batch.


Tantec UK & Ireland’s innovative leak detection system – LeakTEC – uses the same high-performance, high-voltage generator and transformer technology inherent in the rest of our family of products. Popular with customers across numerous industries including the automotive and medical sectors, it ensures full process control and traceability.

This kind of system is often a modern replacement for test methods such as helium leak testing and although has standard elements to the system, the tooling is bespoke to your products shape and set up.