Tantec UK & Ireland are one of the world’s leading providers of Plasma and Corona Treatment Systems

Our specialist surface treatment systems are trusted by major manufacturers across the globe. With over 40 years of expertise in the manufacturing and supply of high-specification surface treatment systems for metals and plastics, our experts also offer a comprehensive range of sub-contract manufacturing and testing services. Either way, we can ensure your product’s adhesive properties are elevated to the highest industry standards.

World-class Technology

Not many people realise the important role our products play every day, or how they constantly help to innovate and push technology forward. Plasma and Corona treatments provide stronger, more repeatable bonding, giving our customers greater freedom to engineer new, innovative materials with exciting properties.

As a result, we’re helping high-technology industries such as Aerospace and Automotive reduce their carbon footprint. Furthermore, we can help you increase your production speeds and instil repeatable, reliable manufacturing processes.

Featured Product

Dyne Ink Test Bottle Kit – £180.00

Problems We Solve

We pride ourselves on providing world-class engineering solutions. Our experts work in close partnership with our customers, striving to understand their problems and designing products that meet their requirements. This is done via either our state-of-the-art standard systems or a bespoke, tailored solution.

Whether you’re looking for better adhesive bonding, lower coating weights or more effective cleaning solutions, we’ll have the answer for you.

Industries We Serve

Tantec UK & Ireland are proud suppliers of standard and bespoke plasma and corona surface treatment systems for some of the world’s most cutting-edge markets. From aerospace to automotive and medical to marine, our products are used across many high-tech applications. Our adaptable technologies have become the product of choice for high-volume production, high performance and cost sensitive manufacturers. If you’re looking for a top-performing, efficient and cost-effective surface treatment, we’ve got the solution for you

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