Plasma cleaning is one of the most effective ways of cleaning a surface and preparing it for further processing such as painting, coating and encapsulation.


Tantec UK & Ireland’s innovative plasma surface treatment systems can remove fine organic contaminants such as fingerprints, processing oils and lubricants. Although useful for all materials, this cleaning process is particularly suitable for glass, metals and ceramics.

Our clients often come to us for comprehensive cleaning solutions, especially when they’re experiencing contaminants within their manufacturing process that are embedded and stubborn to remove. Alongside preparing the surfaces of elastomers, metals and plastics, plasma cleaning couples well with other cleaning processes such as ultrasonic cleaning to remove both bulk contamination and then perform an ultrafine clean. The two together often have better performance and shorter processing time than either alone.

Otherwise Uncleanable

Strongly bonded organic contaminants can be very tough to remove. Wiping or washing can simply move oils around or dilute them without fully removing them, leaving your product with remaining contaminants on its surface. Plasma cleaning easily removes organic contaminants by vapourising them into CO2, water and simple gases. Usually using air as the key cleaning component, it is a very green process.

Traditional methods of surface cleaning can be harsh and sometimes cause the loss of important traits in the material as a result of their processes. Tantec UK & Ireland’s Plasma Treatment Systems are much kinder to the component’s structure and have been used to treat a huge variety of complex surfaces including optical fibres, glass slides, PCBs and semiconductors and metal surfaces such as gold.

Tough to Clean Areas

Our Plasma Surface Treatment Systems are ideal to clean even the toughest areas of your products. Plasma cleaning has the ability to penetrate a blind hole and flow through areas that a liquid cleaner would struggle to access. This level of cleaning is simply unrivalled, especially for coatings required to cover an entire area.

Furthermore, it is a great way to remove foreign contaminants such as machining fluid residue. If your manufacturing process requires clean parts prior to coating, our Plasma Surface Treatment Systems are the perfect solution to achieve a clean, contaminant-free surface.

Cleaning & Treatment

Tantec UK & Ireland’s surface treatment systems offer a fantastic way to prepare materials prior to further processing; they not only remove contaminants but also increase the components surface energy. This prepares the product for future applications such as potting, printing, coatings and paints.

Our Plasma cleaning equipment utilises treatments that are environmentally-friendly. It eliminates the need for chemical solvents, reducing pollution into the atmosphere as well as the need for storage and disposal of solvent waste.

Furthermore, Plasma cleaning is an entirely operator-friendly process. As a dry treatment that doesn’t use harsh solvents or primers, no solvent gases are released into the atmosphere. It’s a cost-effective process with low operation costs, high-quality cleaning and enhanced bonding.