In the modern-world, high-quality printing is critical when generating a positive impression of your brand, as well as to convey information clearly and effectively. Our highly-experienced engineers here at Tantec UK & Ireland offer solutions for a wide-range of technologies including pad, screen, inkjet, DOD, digital and litho printing.

Whether you’re using simple printing techniques on manual pad printing machines or a high-volume digital drop-on-demand inkjet for high-clarity bar codes, we all know that controlling the ink to the material interface is critically important. That’s why Tantec UK & Ireland’s state-of-the-art Plasma Surface Treatment solutions help our customers achieve premium ink adhesion every single time – even at high-speed.

Ink Adhesion

Ink adhesion is vital, especially if it’s performance can affect the perceived quality of your goods. Instructions or branding that wear away after use can easily give the customer the impression they’re using poorly manufactured products. Of course, it also applies to life-critical applications too, such as instructions on a medical device. The last thing the user needs is to have essential information removed due to poor quality. There’s simply no room for error.

Tantec UK & Ireland’s industry-leading plasma and corona surface treatment systems can improve the performance of a surface to retain print. Whether it’s put under the high-stress conditions of an autoclave or the consistent scratching of a fingernail, our treatment solutions help our customers’ products retain their information and branding.

plasma print quality

Print Quality

Printing on a receptive surface allows the ink to be placed much more accurately, often saving costs due to less ink being required. How do we do this? Take printing on plastic cards for example. Our innovative plasma surface treatment systems are perfect for activating the surface of the product. The changes made to the dynamics of the material enable it to receive a wider spread of ink and a solid print bond. Furthermore, it also removes any organic contaminants and keeps the surface clean, creating the right conditions for clear, pristine printing operations. Particularly ideal for information that requires clarity such as barcodes, enabling a correct scan every time.

print quality

Wider Choice of Inks

There’s no need to be restricted by the choice of ink you can use due to the material of your product. Our market-leading surface treatment systems can treat a wide-range of materials, opening up a whole new avenue of ink choices you may never have previously considered. By making your product’s material more receptive, you can now choose your ink for its chemical resistance, vibrancy or colour rather than because it’s the only one that would work.