For manufacturing companies with high-volume production lines, time and efficiency is key.


They can be creating thousands of parts a minute, making it impossible to physically perform a manual operation on every one. Therefore, it’s vital that the systems in place complete processes right the first time (RFT) in order to hit profit margins. This can be difficult, especially as manufacturing and assembly lines are constantly moving and it often takes a variety of solutions to solve these problems. That’s where Tantec UK & Ireland come in.

Working with some of the leading names in the automation, automotive, medical and printing industries, we know what it takes to deploy surface treatment systems in a high-pressure, fast-moving environment. Whether it’s treating automotive parts with Vacuum Plasma or using adhesive bonding to multi-layer products in the medical sector, we have all the expertise you need.

Tantec’s professionals are able to offer on-site customer support, bespoke designed surface treatment systems and remote diagnosis and management. We also keep in stock consumable and spare parts for standard systems and offer multiple rental systems to avoid any line down situations, saving you both time and money. 

Furthermore, we’re well equipped to work closely with automation companies to integrate our equipment. Alternatively, we can supply our products as turnkey solutions, depending on the rest of your line.


Since 2013, the UK automotive industry has been on average producing circa 1.5 million cars per annum. Considered a high-volume market, our team at Tantec tend to get involved in a range of automotive projects with major OEM’s and tier one suppliers across the sector. These could be anything from seal applications and leather adhesive bonding to paint and coating adhesion. Both inline and offline processes are used within this industry, with Vacuum Plasma and Atmospheric Plasma being two of our most sought after products.

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Printing & Personalisation

Inline printing processes for pipes, cables, gifts and loyalty cards can often run at extremely high speeds. Tantec’s inline pretreatment processes are capable of speeding up this operation and achieving even higher quality. With a better and more receptive surface, it is possible to reduce the amount of ink required – whilst still seeing the same level of performance and quality. Our Corona and Plasma Surface Treatments can quickly take your production to the next level.

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Tantec UK & Ireland have proven pedigree supporting the UK medical device industry; a sector that continues to grow and is worth approximately £5.5 billion per annum. Medical device manufacturing and pharmaceutical packaging is often performed at an incredible rate. However, it has to be balanced with a repeatable and stable product as performance is paramount. Printing onto a syringe or bonding together multilayered products requires a proven solution with feedback and continued monitoring to ensure the final product is consistent. Our Plasma Cleaning and Corona Surface Treatment Systems are used for the surface activation of numerous products including needle hubs, catheter tubing and ostomy bags.

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