Tantec UK & Ireland is an industry-leading supplier of corona and plasma surface treatment systems.

Tantec UK & Ireland supply plasma and corona surface treatment equipment to companies around the world, often providing solutions for a range of requirements. We approach each project individually, utilising our on-site laboratory to test for solid data. Our facility houses surface energy test equipment including contact angle and dyne Inks, different plasma and corona surface treatment systems and tensile testing equipment. We also work closely with our customers to offer offer on-site trials, rental systems and sub-contract manufacturing solutions so that you can be sure you have the right solution. This isn’t an exhaustive list, but here are some of the common uses for which our equipment provides solutions across the following key areas:

Automotive Sealing Products

Sprayed, brushed, gunned or robot-applied adhesives – along with pressure-sensitive adhesives on tapes and labels – can be difficult to bond on to the wrong materials. That’s why our innovative range of products provide world-class pre-treatment operations to prepare your material surface in the right way, enabling a significant increase in performance and consistency, allowing you to choose from a wider variety of products.

Plasma Cleaning solutions

Plasma cleaning is an effective cleaning method for ultra-fine cleaning  a surface and preparing it for further processing such as painting, coating and encapsulation. Tantec UK & Ireland’s innovative plasma surface treatment systems remove light organic contaminants such as fingerprints, processing oils and lubricants as well as light contamination such as dust and fibres. Our clients often come to us for comprehensive cleaning solutions, especially when they’re experiencing contaminants otherwise uncleanable by standard techniques.

pre paint plasma treatment

Whether you’re looking to apply nano coatings or the thickest industrial paints, Tantec UK & Ireland’s specialist corona and plasma surface treatment systems can prepare your components surface for an optimum finish. Our innovative range of equipment improves the surface of the material, allowing for stronger adhesion and the removal of quality issues such as flaking, fish eyes and a range of other defects. Get your product’s finish correct at the first time of asking, removing any rework costs in the process.

printing solutions

Whether you’re using single colour pad printing techniques or a high-volume digital drop-on-demand inkjet for high-clarity bar codes, we all know that controlling the ink to the material interface is critically important. That’s why Tantec UK & Ireland’s state-of-the-art plasma surface treatment solutions help our customers achieve premium ink adhesion every single time – even at high-speed.

wettability solutions

Surface energy is very important, particularly when bonding materials or printing onto plastic surfaces. In order to achieve optimum conditions for these processes, the liquid adhesive or ink should be able to wet the surface of the material. Tantec UK & Ireland’s specialist corona and plasma surface treatment systems can transform the surface chemistry of your product to be receptive to paints, coatings and adhesives.


Tantec UK’s diverse portfolio of corona and plasma surface treatment systems have helped many customers in high-technology markets vastly improve their environmental credentials. At the same time, we’ve also driven the performance of their products to exciting new levels.