Whether you’re looking to apply nano coatings or the thickest industrial paints, Tantec UK & Ireland’s specialist corona and plasma surface treatment systems can prepare your components surface for an optimum finish.


Our innovative range of equipment improves the surface of the material, allowing for stronger adhesion and the removal of quality issues such as flaking, fish eyes and a range of other defects. Get your product’s finish correct at the first time of asking, removing any rework costs in the process.

Increased Adhesion

Applying a coating over a large area requires a consistent surface in order to achieve the same performance across the entire component. Unfortunately, materials with low surface energies are problematic when it comes to adhesion, often preventing coatings or paints from sticking. Our quality portfolio of surface treatment systems bring the whole of the components surface to the same standard, removing any adhesion issues, especially in tough sections of the component such as deep draw areas, hollows and blind holes. That’s why we’re a trusted partner to some of the biggest names in the automotive, medical device and motorsport industries.


Are you experiencing common coating or paint issues such as pin holes, orange peel effects or gloss variations? Whether it’s a complex, large component or an extra-small surface area, techniques such as cleaning and abrasion can lead to variations across the surface, impacting final product quality. This isn’t ideal for your customers and quality department. 

All of these issues, as well as disparities in coating thickness, can be negated by Tantec UK and Ireland’s surface treatment systems. Discuss with our engineers how these issues can be controlled – or even completely removed – as a result of the thorough surface preparation our systems undertake.

Lower Coating Weights

Did you know lower coating weights can be cost-effective, reducing cost out of your manufacturing processes? Our Plasma and Corona surface treatment systems have helped a large number of customers across multiple industries drive down costs. Our machines, which increase the surface energy of your component’s material, enable a greater wetting of the coating or paint being applied. This allows the liquid to flow easily over the surface, quickly creating an even, complete coating. It also helps you to provide a strong colour with even less material. Ideal for when you’re looking to drive down cost and increase your profit margins.