Ebble Tantec – After Sales Support


Whether you’re looking to use our contract plasma services for prototyping, or buying a large custom built machine, Ebble Group pride themselves on offering top class after sales support to ensure your business gets the most from our products and services.

What does Ebble offer, and from where?

Ebble Group – with Tantec UK offering equipment to buy, and Ebble Manufacturing offering contract plasma and corona treatment, operate from Redditch in Worcestershire, just South of Birmingham.

From this central location, we work with customers after they’ve bought from us usually in the following ways:

  1. Dedicated engineering and production support
    1. Whether you speak with our engineering team for drawings and technical installation support ahead of a machine being delivered and installed, or you deal with our production team to ensure your treated components are returned on time, to the right place; you will have a member of the team to speak with at all times.
  1. Training, installation, manuals and initial support
    1. Some products might be simple enough to ship with minimal support, but we’re always on hand should you need us. Larger systems might need a site visit to help with installation and training and we can always send manuals or offer various training courses to help as your new equipment, or freshly treated components are delivered.
  1. Spares and service contracts
    1. Having equipment and ensuring it continues to perform at its best is important for your production, and for our reputation. We aim to advise on spare parts and offer a service contract for all the systems we provide. We are happy to support with training to enable your own engineering team to keep equipment performing, or we’ll take all the stress out of maintenance and offer onsite or return to base support.
  1. Extras and quality testing
    1. Equipment is often highly robust, but checking and confirming its working is key to many industries. We offer systems such as contact angle metres, as well as Dyne Test Inks and Pens for measuring surface energy on site. We can also support lab services if you want to look at current or future materials in more depth.
  1. Breakdowns, warranties and emergency support
    1. Like any equipment, there’s always a chance the worst will happen and a breakdown will occur. We recommend holding spares but excessive amounts is often impractical, especially if the only option would be a second unit. From our UK site, we hold a wide range of spare components for quick exchange, along with a number of rental systems ready to be shipped same day. Engineers can offer site visits and immediate phone support. We’re also keenly supported by our Danish factory, where additional rental systems and technical support is available same or next day.
  1. Future systems and friendly support
    1. We’re delighted to say that a lot of our business comes from repeat customers – furnishing multiple production lines with treatment equipment, or returning to us with new parts for contract plasma treatment. It’s a big part of what we do. We are more than happy to have you in to visit, or we’ll make the journey to you. Discussing new projects, giving some informal training to new recruits, or delivering spares while we’re passing are often great ways to keep in touch.

Will I have to keep emailing generic email addresses that don’t reply?

We’re a small team here in the UK, so each project has a dedicated, responsible person who will look after you. You may want to make contact with us through our info@ emails, through the webchat or contact us forms, but we will always get in touch quickly with our direct contact information to speak more.

Throughout your work with us, you might speak with different members of the team – from quoting and specifying through to engineering and delivery, you are always welcome to speak with any of the team who will work their absolute best to make sure you’re looked after.

Additional and Global Support

We appreciate that some of our customers want a cheap price, swift delivery and to get on with it. Please tell us if we’re being a pest, we’re happy to leave you to it.

We also appreciate others wanting to cross every ‘t’ and dot every ‘i’ and our close working relationship and support are vital. We have built Ebble Group with responsiveness and breadth of support at its heart. We’ll leave you to your business until you need us if that’s what you want. Or we’ll make it a plan to visit every few months to ensure the systems are up and running without issues if that’s what you’d prefer.

Over recent years we have seen a number of companies keen for us to hold additional spares stock and rental systems here. Others told us they wanted faster, more responsive support. We’ve invested further in stock, rental systems and engineering knowledge and have further plans for improvement as we grow to offer the best support we possibly can.

We also work closely with our local area agents and partners, who are located in nearly 40 countries worldwide. We have a number of customers buying some machines here and replicating their systems in South America, Asia and Europe with help from ourselves and local support. Our global pricing structure means you’ll get sensible, consistent pricing.

We’re here to help

From initial contact through to ongoing support, our team is keen to help and we’re trying to build something special so we’ll be here for many years to come. We want to keep working with fantastic UK and Irish companies and encourage anyone thinking of working with us to throw your questions at us, join us for a Teams call, drop in to visit and explore our technology and meet us face to face. Contact us to find out how we can help you!

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