Ebble Tantec – 2023 Moving and the First 6 Months

Ebble Tantec

Ebble Tantec has been working hard since the start of 2023. Moving premises, creating new products and services and keeping everything working as expected.

We collected the new keys to our new site, which is nearly 5x the size of our previous premises and gives us the space and facilities we needed to push the business forward. For the most part, this means we can now offer substantial contract plasma and corona treatment, and allows us to show off the machines we manufacture with customers able to use them first hand before installing on their own site.

It’s been tough at times, but here at Ebble Tantec we’re making good progress!

What made Ebble Tantec want to move?

For a number of years, we’ve offered contract treatment of parts and it’s been possible to do this on a small scale but larger projects (and trials for customers looking to buy equipment) often required begging, borrowing and stealing time from existing customers to help.

This wasn’t ideal and we didn’t want to be a burden on our customers. 

Our dream of having larger premises where we could offer significant support to projects, and to customers looking for subcon was one we had to act on. It was always the goal to increase knowledge in growing this way, bringing more engineering skills and local equipment support for our customers.

Choosing the new site

We looked for ages for the right site, ideally we were after something modern, with at least one large open plan office and then further rooms for labs and production.

We found nothing locally, or even within 30 minutes of where our old offices were. We looked for over 6 months and next to nothing was coming up – even unsuitable units seemed few and far between.

We settled on the end of a mad idea, which was to take on a large industrial unit and build log cabins for the office and lab space. With thanks to Dunster House (www.dunsterhouse.co.uk) we managed to get some fantastic buildings which we had delivered.

Through some long, dark and cold days, we built the new rooms and turned the large open space into a split office and production environment. The buildings seemed to go up quickly, but painting, laying floors, electrics and all the finishing touches seemed to go on forever!

Moving Day

We had overlap between the two sites so we could build the offices and make the new site useful. But then toward the end of January we moved over the old offices with minimal disruption.

It didn’t take long to get used to the new place, and with people in it immediately felt alive and warmer. The place certainly seemed empty still, we needed to buy new equipment and properly section off areas for production. One of the crowning days for us was after the move when the sign was installed.

The unit we managed to find is hidden at the end of the row of units, so a big sign was a must. It might not be the easiest place to find, but it’s like having a factory in a forest. Squirrels especially seem to love coming to visit, along with a local cat who enjoys sitting on our doorstep.

Welcome party

As the months have gone on, we’ve added more and more to the production hall. But before it got too full, we managed to hold a family fun day as a special thanks to everyone for helping, and thanks to their families for the late nights spent building and painting!

A fantastic assault course, bouncy castle, hog roast and ice cream truck kept everybody busy for the day. The weather was perfect and we couldn’t have had a better event.

Next steps

Since the party, safety fencing, a conveyor fed plasma system and a rewind corona unit have replaced the assault course, and the demo/ small production area has been upgraded with another vacuum plasma system. Several new customers have come onboard and are using the contract plasma services and business is looking good.

We would love to welcome any interested customers or suppliers to come and visit. The unique plasma pink meeting room cabin always has fresh coffee and biscuits!

We’re all looking forward to the real growth we have planned for the next five years. With one of the major goals to employ more people and grow the Ebble Tantec family, allowing us to give back to the local community.

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