Tantec UK & Ireland to exhibit at Interplas 2023


As a leading provider of plasma and corona treatment solutions, Tantec UK & Ireland will be exhibiting at Interplas 2023 between September 26th September 28th . Chris and Rob will be showcasing its vacuum plasma and atmospheric plasma on a robot system, as well as discussing all things plasma and corona treatment.

Tantec UK & Ireland are constantly innovating to maintain their place as market leaders. Both their standard and customised Plasma and Corona systems provide world-class surface treatments, most commonly for plastics, composites and metals, but also for ceramics, glass and other materials, enhancing bonding to the highest possible standards. As a result, they have established themselves as a trusted provider of surface treatment systems in the UK, Ireland and across the globe.

“We’re excited to be exhibiting at Interplas 2023,” said Chris Howey, Managing Director of Tantec UK & Ireland, “At Interplas, we’ll be demonstrating our latest plasma and corona treatment technologies, and we’re looking forward to discussing how these technologies can help businesses improve the performance and durability of their products.”

At the show, Tantec will be showcasing its vacuum plasma system, which is ideal for treating small, delicate parts. Vacuum Plasma is arguably one of Tantec UK & Ireland’s most sought-after processes; indeed it is one of our most impressive. Its ability to treat 100% of a component’s surface is incredibly useful for large parts or those with complex geometries. High-quality cleaning, surface activation, deposition and etching treatments can all be completed ahead of the painting, glueing or coating.

They will also be showcasing its atmospheric plasma on a robot system, which is ideal for treating large, complex parts. The system uses a robotic arm to apply the plasma to the surface of the part, ensuring uniform treatment.

In addition to showcasing its plasma and corona treatment systems, we will be discussing all things plasma and corona treatment. The company will be discussing the benefits of plasma and corona treatment, as well as the different applications for these technologies.

The Tantec team will be offering surface energy testing and contact angle testing at the show. This testing can help businesses determine the surface energy and cleanliness of their parts, which is important for ensuring good adhesion. Bring along samples for immediate treatment, or to discuss adhesion issues.

In addition to seeing equipment, you can buy and use it in your own factory. Come and speak to us about our new contract treatment facility based 30 minutes from the show in Redditch. Contract plasma treatment is quick and usually requires no capital or tooling costs to get going so lets you really get into the technology cost effectively and with no risk.

Businesses that are interested in learning more about plasma and corona treatment, or that would like to have their parts tested, are encouraged to visit Stand C20 and discuss their queries with the Tantec team. For more information about Tantec or to book an appointment get in touch here.

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